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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I sign up for a dining plan?

Visit the here to sign up for a plan.

Can I downgrade or upgrade my dining plan?

Yes, you can downgrade your dining plan up to the first Friday of each semester. You may also upgrade your dining plan at anytime throughout the year by completing this form.

How will my dining plan accommodate special dietary needs?

We ask that anyone having special dietary needs such as allergies, kosher, halel, etc meet with Kimberly Mayer, our Registered Dietitian, and Dining Hall Directors to identify themselves and discuss their options. Kim can be reached via email: 

For more information on how Rensselaer Hospitality Service accommodates dietary needs check out our Food Alergy information section. 

Does Hospitality Services have a nutrition program?

Yes, we have a comprehensive nutritional information program that works in conjunction with our menus to identify items that fall into several wellness categories. Our in-house Registered Dietitian, Kim Mayer, can be reached via email at 

We also work closely with the university’s health educator to promote nutrition and solicit feedback from students. 

What does "all you care to eat dining" mean?

Simply put, based on the operating hours set for each resident dining hall, you may eat or drink whatever you like once you have entered dining halls.

Are dining halls opened during the holidays?

A schedule of opening and closings is posted two to three weeks in advance of a holiday. There are many other options for dining to choose from, please visit the locations page for more information.

What are Flex Dollars?

Flex Dollars are dining dollars given to each plan holder allowing them the flexibility of making purchases at any Hospitality Services location throughout campus. You can use them for items such as paying for friends or family to eat in a dining hall, our convenience stores, and any retail outlet including the coffee house on campus or the two floors of service in the Rensselaer Union. Flex Dollars are carried over from fall semester to spring semester but remaining funds are forfeited at the end of each academic year. Flex Dollars are tax free and can be used to purchase food and drink only [New York state tax law prevails].

What is RAD?

Rensselaer Advantage Dollars is a campus declining balance account that you may purchase at anytime. It carries over from year to year and ends only at the time you leave Rensselaer. It allows you the ability for use not only in Hospitality Services locations but also in areas such as the campus vending machines, the box office at Houston Field House & East Campus Athletic Village, the Commons Mailroom as well as with off campus particpating vendors. For more information or to open an account, stop by the Campus Card Office in the Rensselaer Union, room 1502 or visit their website at:

What do I do if I have a problem or suggestion?

There are several ways that you may contact us or tell us of your concerns. Most directly you can contact our General Manager, Matthew Mueller, by emailing You may also fill out a comment card at any one of our locations and someone will respond to you.

What if I am ill or my schedule won't allow me to eat in the dining halls?

If you are ill, you can request a boxed meal to be provided for you to pick up in a dining hall of your choice [download the bagged lunch order form]. If you are looking for a meal due to scheduling conflicts and can not dine in the dining halls, please try our NEW Simply To Go option located in the Russel Sage Dining Hall or the Commons Dining Hall. One meal swipe, make your selections and you're on your way, it's that simple!

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